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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cream Centre @ Cypress hotel

Very few places have bowled me over with their vegetarian food.

Cream Centre is one of them (Kebab Factory is the other).  These two make up my top two places to eat veg. food. The food here is simply delightful. The experience is also delightful.
Cream Centre is pure veg. by the way, Kebab factory is mixed veg. and non-veg.

The ambience at Cream Centre is new age and swanky. More over the restaurant is also very clean and the service is awesome. You can go here anytime with family, friends and dates too!

Cream Centre sets the Gold Standard on service. The waiters were good and courteous and also orders were served in record time, with very little waiting. The tables were also cleared of used cutlery almost as soon as they were done with. Kudos to the staff! Curry on the roof needs to learn very quickly from these guys!

Main Course
Starters :-
I tried the "Three-in-one starter", which consists of batter fried baby corn, batter fried onion rings and American cheese balls with corn. The baby corn and the onion rings were simply mind blowing. The red sauce served with them was also amazing. The onion rings and baby were however rather oily so could not be eaten without the sauce. The cheese balls were completely avoidable. No like.
The onion rings if ordered solely, is served on a steel pole. Nice concept. has rated the Nachos at Cream Centre as the best Nachos ever. They were definitely good.
Tortilla chips with melted and thin cheese and salsa sauce. Very nice. The salsa sauce seemed to be made in house as it did not have the kind of sourness that the bottled variety has. The tortillas were masala tortilla. Basically the Nachos were "Indianised". A must have!

The Tandoori Paneer Tikkas were also amazing. The Paneer pieces were very soft and lightly flavoured.
Cream Centre sets the gold standard for how fresh and soft Paneer should be served. I don't think I have had Paneer like this in Pune before.

The Channa Bhatura served is in Punjabi style where there is a hint of the taste of tea in the Channa. A little spicy but tasty none the less. The best part was that the Bhatura was less oily unlike other places were you can taste and get sick of the taste oil in the bhatura. Their bhaturas can be eaten plain, straight away. Another A+ for Cream Centre.

They also have the chota sizzlers, and believe me, they really are chota. Quarter the size of a regular sizzler, and packs a tasty punch. The paneer chilli sizzler is mind blowing. It consists of Chilli paneer gravy served with rice on a sizzler plate. Of course, the paneer was awesome again. Another must try.

The drinks are also served in large glasses which makes it worth the price.  Also the iced teas are not the packet Nestea kind and are made in-house. Usually, the peach flavour iced tea is better than the Lemon flavour however, the reverse was true this time.

Three-in-one : Rs. 150
Sizzling Paneer Chilli : Rs. 210
Channa : Rs. 120
Bhatura : Rs. 45
Nachos : Rs. 195
Lemon Iced Tea : Rs. 110
Peach Iced Tea : Rs. 110
Fruit Punch : Rs. 155
Tandoori Paneer Tikka : Rs. 190

Place is certainly not cheap, but great value for money as the taste is worth it.

If only they had non-veg. also.

The next day I got a "Thank You for visiting" email from Cream Centre. I also got a call about my comments on the feedback form about the baby corn and onion rings being oily and that I could have got it changed.

Now that is what I call service.

[Please note. it may sound like they bribed me for such an awesome review; I assure you I was not. Try it out for yourself!]

Address : Hotel Fern Survey No.2081 Lane No.10,
                Near Kalpataru Residency Opposite Solaris Gym
                Kalyani Nagar Pune - 411 014  
Tel: +91 (20) 40180000
Timings: 11AM to 11PM

Their website.

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