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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Curry on the roof @ Prabhat road

Curry on the roof is a rooftop restaurant on Prabhat road. It also has a non-rooftop level which is completely enclosed, however, the roof level is nice to sit on.
I went here with a bunch of friends on Friday evening after work. I have been here 4-5 times in the past and have always liked to food there. However this time there were some differences. The roof top section was closed. the waiters mentioned it was because of renovation. Anyway, so I decided that the 8 of us could sit on the lower level.

Being with with a fairly large group of friends did not allow me to fully review or pay attention to the food, however, my and the overall opinion was that the food was not great. This makes me not want to review that at all.
 I never felt like this about Curry on the roof before but this time it was sorely disappointing.

So, a quick a rant about the place and a sign-off. Maybe next time I would have a better post, if I go there again that it.

The restaurant is done up fairly well with wood work and carvings . All the chandeliers and lamps are decorated with multi-coloured mosaic glass. The decor is pretty neat, a little hard to describe but not out of this world. The chairs are fairly comfortable.
The men's toilet was a little funny. The wash basin was in a narrow corner between two walls.
The wall left had a wall mounted hand dryer. The right wall had a paper towels dispenser. While washing my hands, my elbow would repeatedly set off the hand dryer. A small annoyance.
The wash-basin and the toilet were in separate areas; the toilet door had a small glass clear window at the top left corner. If you were tall enough, you could look inside the toilet rather clearly. I am still baffled with this design! This is a rather odd feature according to me, n'est pas?

The menu is a spiral bound menu with the front and back cover made of plywood and a rectangle protrusion on the front cover (kind of like sticking a portrait, rectangular picture frame on the front face) to make it look like a window. I found this a very nice way of presentation for a menu, until I saw another copy of the menu. In this copy, the second side of the front plywood still had the plywood manufacturers print on it! C'mon guys, a little more effort to polish and remove the print on the wood, would have been nice! The first page describes Pune city briefly. Nice Touch

One thing that stuck out from the evening was that, there was quite a din in the restaurant. With the restaurant full and a lot of people talking, it was not easy to ignore the overall sound. However, it did not make it difficult to speak to the others on the table. Not a place for a quite dinner for sure.
There was soft Hindi music in the background which did not disturb but was difficult to hear because of the surrounding noise. Not an issue at all since you don't go to a restaurant for its music 90% of the times.

Not a place to go for having a few drink evening, where you might want a bit of exclusivity.

The service was pathetically SLOW. They set the gold standard of how slow a service should NOT be. It took at least 20 minutes for anything ordered to be served. ANYTHING. Nothing came quickly. As a result of the waiting, a couple of us ended up drinking quite a few glasses of water. Not something to look forward to in a restaurant! (I don't know if they realise this also reduces their business as the number of items ordered would reduce). The waiters were okay and could use a little more training. Also the waiters were talking amongst themselves rather loudly adding to the overall aural content.

Cost was about 600 per head.

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I would surely think 4 times before going back here!

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