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Monday, 27 June 2011


Today we shall interview the writer of, and find out about the latest snack joint he visited, revealing what he ate there, what he liked or didn't like and also the over all experience.

Where did you go?

So, pune foodie, where exactly is Crepeteria?
Crepeteria is a snack joint in lane #5, Koregoan Park Pune.  It is across two levels, and even has a nice small sit out.

Why did you go there?
I basically ventured here with a couple of friends and my wife. My friend likes to hang out there, and also likes their coffee. It was early evening, around 6pm and I had just had some wonderful doughnuts at Donut Magic, and I could eat some more. 

How did you find the seating arrangement? We know this is especially important to you as you are almost 6 ft tall!
Are you psychic? Because I did have a bit of trouble sitting that day. Yes, it can be quite difficult for me sometimes. That day we sat on the upper level. The layout consisted of a table for four with four individual chairs. The table and chairs were made of cane. The part that was difficult for me was that the chair was rather low, therefore, the angle made by my legs with the floor, my knees basically, did make me a bit uncomfortable, but my friends, who are shorter than me by the way, were quite comfortable.
One thing I really liked was at the table there was a  little sign that read "Haath dhoe kya"(Did you wash your hands?) and next to the sign was a bottle of Lifebuoy hand sanitizer. This was the first time I had seen something like that and thought it was really neat.

Alright, let's get straight to the meaty part. What did you snack on that day and hows was it? Spare no details, please.
Alright without further ado, I will get straight to it. My wife and I shared a a Chicken Tikka crepe, Smoked Chicken sub and all of us had the WOW fries.

A sub? Why did you have the sub? This was Crepeteria, I thought you would try only the Crepes! 
Well we did have a crepe but it is also important to know and try something else that is on offer, and how it compares to their main items(s).
Anyway, the fries were served in quite an innovative way. It was a plate of fries covered with mayonnaise, onions, spring onions and tomatoes. The overall taste was alright, nothing to rave about, however the presentation and idea was pretty neat.
The smoked chicken sub was not bad. It was a long wheat bread bun filled tomatoes, lettuce, chicken pieces with the smoked flavour and a sauce. The taste was a little blandish so if you like continental food, you would definitely like this.

The Chicken Tikka Crepe however was a disaster!

A disaster?!
Yes, a disaster. The chicken tikka was REALLY spicy. Well my tolerance level for spicy is a bit on the lower side because I was born and lived outside of India for thirteen years. But, even if the spicy level was ok by Indian standards, the Pudina(mint) chutney inside was WAY too strong. Even my wife who is a big fan of Pudina chuteys, did not like it.

Also, the iced tea that she ordered was a little on the diluted side and we had to send it back to make it a little stronger. However, my friend assured me that this was not usually the case and it was always better than that.

So, all in all the place was kind of okay.

It is almost time to wrap up so, one last question. How much was it and will you go back there?
That was two questions actually
Chicken Tikka crepe : Rs 89.
Smoked Chicken sub : Rs. 109.
Wow Fries :  Rs. 69.
Peach Iced tea : Rs. 59.
Diet coke : Rs. 40.

I did make a note of what I want to try there next time. The fries that have the 'Elvis sauce' if I remember it correctly, Crazy fries or something like that. There is still much to try from their menu, therefore I will go back there and try some more of the crepes. Will update you then.
Catchya later. ;)

Timings : 8 AM to 11 PM.

More Details and Menu at

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