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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Donut Magic

My first post. YEAH!.
Just yesterday I had a craving for a chocolate covered doughnut. This happened while watching a movie. Funny how some external factors can influence you so easily.
So, today while riding down lane #7 in Koregaon park, we saw a little doughnut shop called "Donut Magic". My wife was sitting behind me on the Honda Activa and happened to notice this place as we rode past it. This joint had been recommended by many to my wife.
Well then, there was nothing else left for us to do other than go in and have some doughnuts.

Lane #7 Koregaon park, off North main road. A few metres down the lane, moving away from Naturals ice-cream, on the left hand side of the road.
The place is not very large with a counter at one end and small tables and chairs for sitting down and having doughnuts.
I went in not expecting too much, as I had until now, not had any doughnuts in Pune city, which were anywhere comparable to what I had eaten during my stint in UK.
I was pleasantly surprised.
There was a decent variety of doughnuts there, which is very pleasing to see, because it gives you a sense of the seriousness that the proprietors have about what they want to offer, and that they have spent time in being creative about their offerings. Some would just put a few options, seemingly random, and then have many other alternatives snack, such as sandwiches, rolls, as a fall back. Not here! The choice of doughnut flavours available are not bad, not terribly or overwhelmingly large, or even extremely creative, but enough for you to have a good look and then think a little, and also not feel like, "I have to have pick between these two, because the choice is so limited".

What we ordered:
We ordered 3 doughnuts namely, Chocolate Cream Doughnut, Cinnamon doughnut and the plain Glazed doughnut.

The Chocolate Cream doughnut was covered with a layer of chocolate on top, on the outside and a bit of creamy chocolate stuffed into the doughnut. A bite into the chocolate makes the inner chocolate cream ooze out into your mouth, YUMMY!

The plain glazed doughnut was also very nice and we used it to mop up the chocolate cream left in our plates from the first doughnut.

For a change of taste, we tried the Cinnamon doughnut; basically a doughnut which is a plain glazed doughnut with sprinkles of cinnamon powder all around. If you like cinnamon, you will like this variant. The doughnut has just the right amounts of cinnamon to not be overwhelmingly strong or too less to seem flavour-less and plain. It has a unique and interesting taste, and if you like to try new flavours, you should definitely try this one.

All the doughnuts were amazingly soft, fresh and served nice and warm, adding to the overall taste and feel while eating. Never have I had any kind of bread or bread-like snack which felt and textured like these doughnuts.

Also served at this outlet are simple bread sandwiches, veg. and chicken puffs, chocolate brownies, a tub of walnut cake and a few other small snacks.

Very reasonably priced. Thank god for small mercies. It really annoys me to no end when little concept shops and eateries charge sky high prices and then serve you tiny portions of food.
Glazed doughnut  : Rs. 15

Cinnamon doughnut : Rs. 15
Chocolate Cream doughnut : Rs 30
Small bottle of water (Kinley): Rs. 10 (very tasty :P)

Other outlets of this chain are also present in S.G.S Kakade Mall, Gold Adlabs and Wanowrie.
For more details, scoot over to :
(I like it when small joints have their own websites. Shows that they think big and have a vision beyond their localised areas. At least in my opinion.)

Let me know how you like this place.

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