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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Paprika Hot! Rock @ City Point, Boat club road.

Paprika Hot rock, a restaurant that serves Mediterranean, Lebanese, Italian & North Indian food with an interesting concept and novelty factor about it.

Food served on hot amorphous rocks & cooked in front of you... read on to find out more...

[Ambience / Experience]

The restaurant has two sections. A lounge section and a restaurant.
The outside section, the main restaurant, is a dimly lit place with coffee/chocolate brown furniture and white drapes. the tables and chairs section is pretty much standard but on the left hand side of the restaurant are small, two, four and six seater sections which are separated by white drapes and are very nice and cosy. Especially good for going on a date or if you want a semi-private feeling. It is easy to hear one another though. (The photos are taken from the sections I spoke about and unfortunately I did not take photos of those sections; my bad).

The service was terrible on the day that I went. There were four of us and for the first 15 minutes we just sat there unattended. We had to call for someone to give us the menu cards. We received exactly one drinks menu and exactly one food menu to share between the four of us.
When we asked for more we got exactly one more food menu. Then we called a waiter, he nodded and did not turn up! Another fifteen minutes later we had to call out for someone to take our drinks order. I said I wanted Kingfisher beer. He told me that they were out of Kingfisher and I started to speak, to ask him about which beers were, available and he walked away whilst I was talking! Another 5 minutes needed to flag someone down to take our drinks order! Pathetic really.

On the table are present a small candle light, a shaker with oregano and a pretty neat container that had olive oil and what looked like soy sauce. The container had two outlets and if you tilt it to one side, it would dispense olive oil and the other side would dispense soy sauce. The really appealed to my technical side.  Also loved the stop cork used to close one end. Really impressive!
The container on the left contained both soy sauce and olive oil.

Novelty factor:
The novelty factor about the restaurant lies is the hot rock orders. A limited set of items on the menu are served on square slabs of amorphous, volcanic, black rock. These rocks are heated in an oven to 400 degrees Celsius for 6 hours prior to use. They retain this hot temperature for quite a few hours.
The food is served on this hot rock and it also cooks pretty much in front of you. You can think of it as a sizzler only the meat/veg. patty is still raw and you have to flip it over a couple of times on the hot rock for it to cook. This is an amazing novelty factor about the way the food is served.


Cheese Racquet: Cheese Samosas served with a yoghurt based garlic sauce. The description in the menu was "Feta cheese wrapped in a pancake and deep fried served with orange segments and honey drizzle". I swear I think the cheese was not Feta cheeses and was Mozarella and I have no idea where the orange segments and honey drizzle went! The cheese samosa was pretty neat even then and the yoghurt was just amazing.

Cheese Racquet
Chicken Espetada:
A pretty nice chicken dish. Nice and tangy. Definitely did NOT taste like tandoori chicken passed off as middle eastern cooking.
Chicken Espetada

Main course:
Hot rock Vegetarian : By far one of the best vegetarian I have had. For once the vegetable patty is tasty and makes you want to have more. The vegetable patties are also cooked in the same way as the meat is on the hot rock. The potato wedges with it was also quite nice. Spicy though especially the sauce that comes with it. Amazing sauce too. The saffron rice that came with this (and the Tepenyaki prawn) came in a separate bowl; it was rather bland and tasteless, also less on the saffron. The rice was room temperature and needed to be heated on the rock before it could be eaten (no this was not cooked on the hot rock, only heated).
Hot rock vegetarian selection
Hot rock Lebanese chicken and Hot rock Moroccan chicken:
Both the chickens were really nice and had distinct tastes.
Their individual sauces were fantastic. None of the sauces in either of the dishes were repeats or even had similar tastes. This is a very good quality and is useful to increase the variety and range of tastes that you can experience at any restaurant.
Hot rock Lebanese chicken.
The white haze is the steaming chicken on the hot rock.


Hot rock Tepenyaki chicken:
The prawn pieces were quite nice but rather sweet. If you do not like food that is sweet, this is best avoided. The vegetables that came with it were really good too, nice, buttery and crunchy.
Hot rock Tepenyaki prawn
Desserts :
Tiramisu : Unfortunately many of the desserts were unavailable. I really wanted to try the Baklava. The Tiramisu was more like a coffee mousse cake. Not impressed.


Foster's Beer: Rs. 140 each
Soft drinks : Rs. 30 each
Cheese Racquet : Rs. 230
Chicken Espetada : Rs. 290
Hot rock Chicken Lebanese : Rs. 395
Hot rock Moroccan Chicken : Rs. 395
Hot rock Vegetable : Rs. 280
Hot rock Tepenyaki Prawn : Rs. 490
Tiramisu : Rs. 210

Total Rs. 2630 + Rs. 263 (service tax at 10.0%) = Rs. 2893 / 4 = 723.25 per head.

All prices inclusive of taxes.

The place is a bit expensive but the food is well worth. I would definitaly go back for the great food but... the terrible service needs improvement by many fold.

Paprika Hot Rock
Address : City Towers, Next to Mainland China, Dhole Patil Road, Pune
Give them a shout @ : +91-20-30570433 ext:145

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Up South @ Phoenix Market City, Nagar Road.

South Indian fast food is one our great Indian, more healthful fast foods.

Also, one of the the few types of cuisine that is served in Pune city restaurants at anytime during working hours, even after the kitchen is closed at 15:00 pm (that is if the restaurant serves south Indian fast food).

I recently went shopping at Phoenix Market City (near Inorbit mall on Nagar road) and on the UG level there are a few fast food joints (while most of the other fast food joints are on the 3rd floor at the food court).

Here is quick report on the south Indian fast-food joint called Up South.

[Ambience / Experience]
It's a fast food joint, so you can't expect much; it is well done though. Bright oranges, greens and yellows fill your vision. There are bar stools and wall counters on both sides across the length of the joint and also chairs and tables. It is self-service with the cash counters and delivery counter at the far end of the place. A separate coffee counter for serving coffee adds a nice touch.

[The Munchies]

Ghee idli Sambar :-  Just over a dozen mini-idlis served with sambar and white coconut chutney,
Not bad over all. The idlis are nice, nothing to rave about. If you generally do not like coconut chutney's, this one pretty good and worth the risk of trying. I generally don't like chutney's that are not home made, even if it is at a place like Vaishali or Madhuban.
The sambar is one of the most authentice south Indian sambars that I have ever eaten in Pune city, tamarind paste et al. If you love authentic south sambar, you will love this. I have had the authenticity validated by a south Indian and she said "it is like how my mom makes it". You can't beat that.
This dish just left me asking one question, where exactly was the ghee?

Medhu Vada Sambar :- The Medhu vada sambar is served with Sambar(the same awesome sambar of course!, white coconut chutney, green mint chutney and a tomato-onion chutney. The tomato-onion is totally  OUT OF THIS WORLD. You have got to, I repeat, got to have this chutney. I could not get enough of it. I loved this chutney more than anything else. The Medhu vada was not bad, however, a little crispier would have been nice. Also, two Medhu vadas would have improved the value-for-money quotient. I highly recommend this dish, just so you can have the tomato-onion chutney!

Filter Coffee -: By far one of the best filter coffees ever, served south Indian style in a small steel cup within another steel container, also known as a davara & tumbler, (where the davra is the cup).
The guy who serves the coffee also performs the proper procedure to make it nice a frothy (basically
pouring coffee from the tumbler to the davra, lifting his hand as high as possible, called something like Aa-tar-de in Tamil. Go for the coffee if nothing else.

Pricing :-

Ghee Idlis : Rs. 60
Medhu Vada Sambar : -Rs. 30
Filter Coffee :- Rs. 30 (pricey!)
All Prices inclusive of taxes.
Not cheap for a south Indian joint, if you compare it to Vaishali, Madhuban or Kalyani Veg, but otherwise quite affordable & well worth the money.


Upsouth Viman Nagar @ Phoenix Market City
Address :- G-17, Upsouth, Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Nagar Road,
                  Viman Nagar,
Speak to them at :- +91-20-66890595,
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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Chili's @ Phoenix Market City

Chili's is an American restaurant chain operating since the year 1975 in America. They recently opened an outlet in Pune, in Phoenix market city mall, and of course, duty called and I reviewed Chili's... just for you :).

The restaurant has a very "American diner" style look and feel. High-back benches to sit on, tables with a mosaic of ceramic tiles on top, poster's and car licence plates like decorations lining the wall, complete the look and feel of the restaurant. Seating is quite comfortable.

The restaurant is well lit, not too bright to make you squint. Every table has a steel lamp over-hanging the table (can be seen in the photo). Nice, but may be a little irritating for very tall people.
A view of the restaurant
The seating arrangement
There are a couple of t.v. screens present. The bar has a very nice look and feel, with bright blue/turquoise neon lights. The staff is quite nice. When they take your order, they kneel down to table height, and then jot down your order. I found that to be a little...odd.

The restaurant is pretty new and opened recently, which is why I found it very unsettling to see the menu cards look very old, a little "damaged" at the corners and edges, and looking a little "brown".

The bar

Their menu largely consists of American and Mexican fast food. Supposedly, the Margaritas at Chili's are world famous and they do boast about it.

Margaritas :-
There were quite a few flavours of Margaritas available. I tried the Tropical Sunrise flavoured Margarita. It was a somewhat orange flavoured Margarita. I quite liked it and do recommend you try it. Unfortunately, I do not have a proper reference of a good Margarita to tell you if they got it right or not.

However, each Margarita is Rs. 525 + taxes! That is really very expensive in my opinion.
They usually have happy hours ending at 20:00. During happy hours, you get any drink on a buy one get one free offer, the free drink is the exact same drink, mind you. This offer definitely should be taken else it would be way too expensive overall.

The famous Chilijs Margarita

Another view of the Margarita
Chicken Platter :-
The chicken platter was really awesome. It came with a piece of grilled chicken, sauteed vegetables in garlic butter and flavoured rice. The chicken piece was grilled to perfection. It was soft well cooked, the marinade was proper, the way you get it outside of India in Europe or US (bland of course, not masaledaar at all but still nice), and the chicken was grilled just right; by this I mean that it was not dry and chewy like over-grilled chicken can be. The vegetables were simply amazing. The rice served with this dish did not really impress me and seemed a little bit tasteless.

The rice was common to both dishes which also disappointed me as I usually like variety in dishes and less "re-use".

The Chicken Platter
Chicken Quesadillia Fajita-
I totally loved the Quesadillias. The best part was that it was nice a filling too. The triangular pieces of Quessadillias were filled with large, soft, brown slices of caramelised onions and cheese. Delicious! You should like slightly sweet food to enjoy this one.
The rice was the same as the rice that came with the chicken platter, and it was rather tasteless. The back beans were okay, not great or noteworthy. The beans do get boring to chew after a while, however, the Quesadillias totally make up for it.

Chicken Quesadillia Fajita
The Guacamole that came with the dishes a word...terrible.


Total bill was Rs. 1838 (including a buy one get one free Margarita for Rs. 525 each + taxes).
The above meal was shared by two, and we were really quite full. At Rs. 919 per head I would say it was rather expensive, considering that there were no starters. I would definitely go back though to check out the remaining items so see how the other items on the menu are.
Chilli's is a must visit.

Chilis Pune

UG-49, Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar, Nagar Road, Pune
Tel:- 020 - 30950400, 30950401, 30950402, 30950404, 30950405

Reviews at 

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Friday, 16 December 2011

Diamond Kathi roll @ Kalyani Nagar [Thela/Hand cart]

I have mentioned that the best Kathi rolls in Pune are found at Kapila Kathi Kebab, however, I think I may just have found the second best Kathi Kebabs in Pune.

In Kalyani nagar, on the road between Gold BIG Cinemas and Ram wadi naka, opp. Bank of Maharashtra is Diamond Kathi roll.

They have a huge menu of Kathi variations, and I definitely think they are worth trying.

I had their Chicken hara bhara kebab (Rs. 75) roll and Chicken Tikka kebab roll (Rs. 65). They are pretty good. The Kathis had different tastes and not like they are passing off similar tasting rolls with a very small variation.

The Kebabs are not very masaledar (like the ones you get at Kapila), so you don't end up feeling heavy or a little uncomfortable in the stomach after eating it (which may happen to you at Kapila since it has a very, very strong masala).

The kathis have a slightly sweetish taste because of the mayo-based white sauce that they use.

Overall, I would recommend that you try out Diamond Kathi roll next time you are in Kalyani Nagar.

Each roll is in the Rs. 65-75 vicinity so not really cheaper than the competition.

Diamond Kathi roll delivers in and around the Kalyani nagar area only.

Do leave your feedback if you try it out.

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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Terttullia [Breakfast] @ South Main road, Koregaon Park.

After a good round of badminton in the morning, the stomach craves very much for wholesome filling and very heavy (read eggs and cheese) breakfast.

After failing for the third time to have a breakfast at Zamu's (I reached at 10:45 am and they open at 11:00 a.m. and had no patience to wait, not a good thing for business and the starving early birds, in my opinion.) I went to Terttulia for breakfast.


The restaurant has two sections; an inner section which is enclosed with air-conditioning and outside section which is next to the road but separated by a high fence.
Tables and chairs are all wooden and the place is not cramped. Not write to write home about here.
Service is a little slow as well.


*[Note: Most of the eggs have a serving of ham/bacon in them. You have the option to have them removed, so be careful when ordering and check all ingredients.]

All eggs are served with a small mix of cheese and caramelised onions on the side.

Breakfast Bagel : This was the best dish in my opinions. Looked very nice. The bagel had lettuce tomatoes chicken (we had asked to minus the ham from this order). A nice sauce. The bagel had the highest value for money in all the orders.
The Bagel

Cafe Latte : Good latte coffee but! ... it was served luke-warm and not piping hot. That was disappointing.

Eggs Benedict : Terttullia has no idea what hash browns are. Hash browns are made from Potatoes and are nicely fried and very yummy. These guys referred to two small pieces of bread, on which the eggs were put, as hash browns!!
Overall this is a good dish. my third favourite. It's got alot of butter. Slightly blandish taste. Poached eggs with some strips of bacon and placed on top of pieces of bread... oh and did I mention a nice helping of butter.
Edd Benedict

Ham and Cheese Omelette :  My second favourite dish. The ham and bacon flavour was awesome. a must have.
Ham and cheese Omelette

Mushroom and Peppers Omelette : Very nice omelette. I quite liked it in taste although the stuffing/filling of mushrooms was rather less, almost kanjoos like, and needed to be more.

Masala Tea : These guys do not know what Masala chai is. It is definitely not made form tea bags! I did not like this at all and also it was served luke warm and not hot at all. Give this a miss.

Mushroom and Peppers Omelette :

Pancake : The pancakes were a bit disappointing. They were a little too thick to be called pancakes and thus were not very soft. The McDonald's breakfast pan cakes are better and the Zamu's ones are even better, so I've heard. The maple syrup was nice thought but that is usually a bottled maple syrup brand.


Breakfast Bagel : Rs. 175
Cafe Latte : Rs. 125
Eggs Benedict : Rs. 195
Fresh Juices : Rs. 95
Ham and Cheese Omelette : Rs. 155
Masala Tea : Rs. 60

Mushroom and Peppers Omelette: Rs. 145
Pancake : Rs. 125
Regular Coffee : Rs. 55.
Side order of toast : Rs. 15

Total Rs. 1385 between 5 people so approx Rs. 27, so lets say Rs. 300 per head.
To me this is not cheap at all and usually breakfast out can be done in around Rs. 100-150 per head. At any Udipi it can be done for about Rs. 50-80 per head and Zamu's charges Rs. 120.

 I would think twice before going back here. It is expensive with low value for money and the tea really sucked. I will go some time in the future but only to try out and properly review more of their menu items... an occupational hazard I guess. :)

Let me know our thought!


Address: 393, Sanas Corner, South Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune
Phone : (020) 30570533.

Reviews at Zomato

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

Prego @ The Westin Hotel, Koregaon Park Pune.

Prego is an Italian restaurant in The Westin Hotel in Pune.
Quite a fancy place, and definitely  not cheap.

[Ambience / Experience]
The place is fairly large and spacious. All tables have a pair of floating candles placed at the center of the table in a bowl. All tables were of heavy wood and quite large, which is very good so that you can sit comfortably and also when the dinner plates and large serving plates are put on the dining table, the table is not congested. The place is very quiet. Perfect for romantic dinner dates.
One of the walls has a broken Grey stone texture and on this wall were placed a lot of photo frames. Photos which I forgot to have a look at, so I presume they were photos of celebrity visits.
(Something which is very trivial but still sprung to my mind was that the photos were not aligned in a straight line! something for some reason I would expect from the restaurant guys to take care of. Maybe the stoney wall made it difficult.)
At the center of the restaurant is a sofa seating arrangement, around a rather unusual "artistic figure" (I don't have a better way to describe this).
The kitchen is a completely visible, open kitchen.
There is a huge floor to ceiling wine shelf with bottles of wine stocked. Nice.
The entire restaurant is well lit.
The waiters are very courteous and nice.

On a side note, I happened to notice that the place was rather ... empty and most of the guests were foreigners; residents of the hotel of course and the prices I think would keep other than elite of Pune from visiting, but that is just my opinion, hardly a fact.

A glimpse of the ambience. The stoney wall with photos.

The variety and number of options in the menu is fairly large ans sometimes a bit confusing. Below are some of the items that I tried.
Before being served, a plate of breads and two dishes of sauces are placed. One of the sauces, the fresh tomato sauce, which is made in house by the way, was amazing.
-- Calzone Bomba - Awesome. Very large and filling. Tasty as well. I ordered this with replacement of ham and turkey with chicken instead. This dish was placed under the pizza list of the menu, so I was a bit surprised to see a Calzone come.When I asked about the unusual shape pizza, I was told that it was a "folded pizza" like a Calzone. This dish is fairly large so sharing it would be a good idea.I definitely recommend trying this.
 -- Herbed Mushrooms - A side order dish of mushrooms and herbs tossed in butter.
 -- Risotto Chicken  - Also again very nicely made. Risotto rice was perfectly cooked. The chicken pieces were soft and the dish in entirety was very tasty.
The Calzone Bomba

Risotto Chicken - Rs. 680
Calzone Bomba (Folded Pizza as they also call it - Rs. 590
1 Side dish of Mushrooms - Rs. 200
1 Fresh Lime Sode - Rs. 150

All prices are excluding taxes.
VAT at 12.50 % extra on the total and a service charge of 3.09%  on the bill.
Above meal was shared by 2.

Total bill was Rs. 1872.56.

I have heard from a couple of friends who visited Prego once, that if you mention to them that you are there  to celebrate your anniversary you get a box of chocolates from them complimentary.

Prego is definitely not cheap. In fact it is VERY EXPENSIVE. No starters were taken and only one drink, which still led to a bill of about Rs. 900 per head. My suggestion is that you plan for Rs. 1200 per head whenever you visit. The only saving grace was that the Calzone (Pizza) was very large in size and thus sufficed for two people and so we did not feel hungry afterwards.

For great Italian, I would definitely recommend going to Prego, however, I think some financial planning is advised before you go there, especially with Petrol prices going the way they are currently!

[I am still working on getting better photos for my blog. Please bear with me till then]

[Contact details]
Prego - The Westin Koregaon Park address
The Westin, 36/3-B, Mundhwa Road, Ghorpadi, Koregaon Park, Pune
Telephone :- 020 67210060

Review at

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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bristo's @ Lunkad Skymax mall, Viman Nagar

Bristo's is a small restaurant located in Skymax mall in Viman Nagar. You get primarily Chinese and Indian food here. There are also a couple of Goan dishes.

The restaurant is rather small and looks more like a snack joint.
Half the restaurant is enclosed and the other half is 2 sides open, like a terrace, with about waist height( 4 ft) glass and railings.
I would suggest sitting in the enclosed section as the outside section is only 100 feet away from the road and the traffic noise can be a bit disturbing.
On the particular day that I went, there was a Durga pooja procession passing with loud blaring music and alot of fire crackers. Painful. I had to relocate to the enclosed section.
The chairs and tables were of very light wood and would move with the slightest amount of force.

The restaurant does not have it's own washroom. You have to use the common washroom of the mall.


-- Manchow soup - Not spicy like it is generally made in most restaurants. Crispy noodles should have been separate and not already mixed into the soup.Not bad overall but not the way it should be. Enjoyable even then.

-- Chicken starter goan style - Very spicy. Very oily. It burnt my oesophagus on the way down. I can;t say this was good. It also had too much turmeric in it. I am pretty sure this was not goan style. The chicken pieces in it were a bit chewy. I suggest you avoid this one.

-- Chicken Kheema - Nice and tasty, but also very oily. Not sure why everything they made so oily!?

-- Chicken Biryani - The biryani was the minty flavour type of biryani. There needed to be more chicken pieces and also the pieces needed to be a bit softer.

-- Onion Naan - This one was rather buttery. Something about the stuffed onions was not great. I can't put my finger on it. It is not bad, just a little different.


Chicken Manchow Soup - Rs. 80.
Chicken Chilli - Rs. 110.
Chicken Kheema - Rs. 110.
Onion Naan - Rs. 40.
Naan Plain - Rs. 15.
Chicken Biryani - Rs. 130.
Soft drink - Rs. 20.
Total :- Rs. 595.

Above meal was shared between 3 people.

All prices inclusive of taxes. All prices are per unit of order.
Not an expensive place. Some improvements in preparation is required.

The dishes that I have mentioned as very oily, you should think before ordering.
Please feel free to leave a comment / feedback!

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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Arthur's theme @ Koregaon park, lane 6

Arthur's Theme is a nice small French food restaurant in Koregaon park.
I quite liked this place. You get only continental/French food over here. How authentic is the French food? Good question. I have no comparison at the moment.
But none the less, you will not be disappointed here.

[Ambience / Experience]
Arthur's Theme is a small restaurant with not many tables (I did however notice there was a "downstairs" basement like section but did not actually see it, so all in all it is a nice cozy place. It usually is not very crowded which is very good at times when you want to have a nice quiet dinner. This works for you when are on a date.

Where you sit is rather important because  the placements of the large standing air conditioners  can give a direct jet blast to your face.
You can of course just ask the staff to also switch it off or point it away.
There is very little parking available at the restaurant so one needs to find parking in the lane which it is located in. That is not usually too difficult. The restaurant itself has parking for one car and 3 two-wheelers.

All the served dishes have the name of a past King/Queen/Royalty of some sort.

Service time is pretty standard, not surprisingly fast and not slow.


All main course dishes are standalone dishes.
1) Leopold II. Soup -- This is a clear non-veg chicken soup. I was expecting a little better. It was more like boiled water, with boiled carrots, cauliflower and chicken. I was was not too impressed.

2) Cleopatra - A chicken starter. A piece of chicken cube on a stick stacked on a square piece of bread. I liked this but I found the flavouring to be not string enough. What would happen is that the bread and the chicken piece would dilute out the coated flavouring. A slight improvement here would make this have a great taste.

3) Herbed rice - Nicely herbed rice. So good that I liked eating it without any gravy as well.

4) Markus - A large patti of fillet of fish with a light brown cheesy sauce dressed all over the patti, with three pieces of smokes vegetables and accompanied by mashed potato. This was awesome. The best dish that night. I usually do not like fish because of the smell but when the fillet is this good, it really makes me feel good. The only issue with the dish was that after eating it for a while, the taste felt more sweet. Recommended none the less.

5) Heidi -  Chicken breasts with a brown sauce (and a bit of mustard) with french fries. Nice. Me is not a fan of mustard sauce at all but this dish is till good. Second best dish that night

6) William III  - Chicken breasts in a brown sauce with vegetables. A more detailed description escapes me at the moment. Okay tasting. What I liked was that sometimes, restaurants make the same brown sauce for more than one dish with just a minor difference, and thus two different dishes with brown sauces almost end up tasting the same; this was not the case here.


1) Coke - Rs. 40
2) Cleopatra - Rs. 180
3) Heidi - Rs. 290
4) Leopold II - Rs. 160 (expensive for soup!)
5) Markus - Rs. 300
6) William II - Rs. 300
7) Herbed rice - Rs. 125

A nice place to go for Continental and on a date.

[Inside Scoop]
I have found out from unofficial, inside sources of the way Arthur's Theme source their fishes. Details are a bit scarce.
Arthur's theme apparently source their fish from an importer who imports them from Vietnam. I am working to get more details.

Dishes I have made a mental note of to try next time are, Czar and Alexander the great.

Their website here [Not loading properly when I tried last].

Address : Shop No. 2, Vrindavan Apartment, Lane No. 6, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune 
Telephone :  020-26152710, 020-66032710 
Timings : 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM, 7 PM to 11:30 PM 

Alternate reviews at

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