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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Kathi Kebabs at Kapila @ Dhole Patil road

The best Kathi Kebabs(also known as Frankie) in Pune can be found at Kapila Kathi Kebabs on Dhole Patil road. They are simply divine. No other place can match the taste of the kathis at this joint.

Ambience is well... how do I put it...  not there! Kapila Kathi is a small shack on the corner of the road and the only seating arrangement there is the steps and low walls between the shack and the adjoining ATM, along side the foot path.

I will strictly refer to the chicken kathi kebabs and not the vegetarian ones. They have the following on offer:-
1. Chicken Kathi Kebab in a single or double filling. (Rs. 60/100)
2. Aloo-Paneer roll (potatoes and cottage cheese) with the option to have it with or without egg. (Rs. 45- 55)
3. Chicken tikka, which is a serving of the filling used in the kathi kebab directly on a plate.

The kathi roll is made of a thin maida/white flour roti , with a egg fried directly on top of it, with succulent chicken pieces, showered with raw onions and a little pudina chutney on it.
The pudina chutney is also given along side on the plate.

The outstanding taste of this roll is in the spicy masala that has been used, along with soft juicy pieces of chicken. A bottle of chilled coke/sprite to go with it and you are completely blissful. Very tasty!

I would suggest having a Kathi roll over here any day, anytime.

A word of CAUTION though.
I have found that the taste of the kathi is not always consistent. It is not completely off or different but varies slightly between visits. Sometimes the salt is too much or not enough. Sometimes it is way too oily. However, the overall taste is still worth visiting for.
For vegetarians, the Aloo Paneer roll is not really that great, and also very spicy. I have never liked or enjoyed their vegetarian offerings. Other have told me that the vegetarian there is not bad, I still recommend that it be avoided. Also, if you are a staunch vegetarian, then do not visit this place at all. The vegetarian and non-vegetarian is all made on the same tawa with only a scrape-down of the tawa done in between. Dharam brushed almost guaranteed.

Kapila Kathi only opens at 5 in the evening and stays open till 11 PM. To avoid a large crowd and waiting, best time to go there is between 5 pm and 7:30 pm.

Other note-worthy Kathi joints.

1. Kathi Crossing in Korgaon park Lane #7 :-  A couple of good options of Kathis over here. I have had the Chicken tikka Kathi roll here, which is nothing but your chiken tikka in a chapati roll. Not unique, inventive or special in anyway, but not bad to taste either.
2. Kareem's :- At MG road and Dhole Patil road, Kareem's' Kathi is also worth trying once in a while for a nice change of taste.

Do remember, none of these come close to Kapila though.

Weight watchers, diabetics and cholesterol watchers beware, this one is not for you.

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  1. Good information on Indian recipe. its quite different from other posts,,,,Thanks.. it looks amazing kathi roll & kebabs


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