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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Terttullia [Breakfast] @ South Main road, Koregaon Park.

After a good round of badminton in the morning, the stomach craves very much for wholesome filling and very heavy (read eggs and cheese) breakfast.

After failing for the third time to have a breakfast at Zamu's (I reached at 10:45 am and they open at 11:00 a.m. and had no patience to wait, not a good thing for business and the starving early birds, in my opinion.) I went to Terttulia for breakfast.


The restaurant has two sections; an inner section which is enclosed with air-conditioning and outside section which is next to the road but separated by a high fence.
Tables and chairs are all wooden and the place is not cramped. Not write to write home about here.
Service is a little slow as well.


*[Note: Most of the eggs have a serving of ham/bacon in them. You have the option to have them removed, so be careful when ordering and check all ingredients.]

All eggs are served with a small mix of cheese and caramelised onions on the side.

Breakfast Bagel : This was the best dish in my opinions. Looked very nice. The bagel had lettuce tomatoes chicken (we had asked to minus the ham from this order). A nice sauce. The bagel had the highest value for money in all the orders.
The Bagel

Cafe Latte : Good latte coffee but! ... it was served luke-warm and not piping hot. That was disappointing.

Eggs Benedict : Terttullia has no idea what hash browns are. Hash browns are made from Potatoes and are nicely fried and very yummy. These guys referred to two small pieces of bread, on which the eggs were put, as hash browns!!
Overall this is a good dish. my third favourite. It's got alot of butter. Slightly blandish taste. Poached eggs with some strips of bacon and placed on top of pieces of bread... oh and did I mention a nice helping of butter.
Edd Benedict

Ham and Cheese Omelette :  My second favourite dish. The ham and bacon flavour was awesome. a must have.
Ham and cheese Omelette

Mushroom and Peppers Omelette : Very nice omelette. I quite liked it in taste although the stuffing/filling of mushrooms was rather less, almost kanjoos like, and needed to be more.

Masala Tea : These guys do not know what Masala chai is. It is definitely not made form tea bags! I did not like this at all and also it was served luke warm and not hot at all. Give this a miss.

Mushroom and Peppers Omelette :

Pancake : The pancakes were a bit disappointing. They were a little too thick to be called pancakes and thus were not very soft. The McDonald's breakfast pan cakes are better and the Zamu's ones are even better, so I've heard. The maple syrup was nice thought but that is usually a bottled maple syrup brand.


Breakfast Bagel : Rs. 175
Cafe Latte : Rs. 125
Eggs Benedict : Rs. 195
Fresh Juices : Rs. 95
Ham and Cheese Omelette : Rs. 155
Masala Tea : Rs. 60

Mushroom and Peppers Omelette: Rs. 145
Pancake : Rs. 125
Regular Coffee : Rs. 55.
Side order of toast : Rs. 15

Total Rs. 1385 between 5 people so approx Rs. 27, so lets say Rs. 300 per head.
To me this is not cheap at all and usually breakfast out can be done in around Rs. 100-150 per head. At any Udipi it can be done for about Rs. 50-80 per head and Zamu's charges Rs. 120.

 I would think twice before going back here. It is expensive with low value for money and the tea really sucked. I will go some time in the future but only to try out and properly review more of their menu items... an occupational hazard I guess. :)

Let me know our thought!


Address: 393, Sanas Corner, South Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune
Phone : (020) 30570533.

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