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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Chili's @ Phoenix Market City

Chili's is an American restaurant chain operating since the year 1975 in America. They recently opened an outlet in Pune, in Phoenix market city mall, and of course, duty called and I reviewed Chili's... just for you :).

The restaurant has a very "American diner" style look and feel. High-back benches to sit on, tables with a mosaic of ceramic tiles on top, poster's and car licence plates like decorations lining the wall, complete the look and feel of the restaurant. Seating is quite comfortable.

The restaurant is well lit, not too bright to make you squint. Every table has a steel lamp over-hanging the table (can be seen in the photo). Nice, but may be a little irritating for very tall people.
A view of the restaurant
The seating arrangement
There are a couple of t.v. screens present. The bar has a very nice look and feel, with bright blue/turquoise neon lights. The staff is quite nice. When they take your order, they kneel down to table height, and then jot down your order. I found that to be a little...odd.

The restaurant is pretty new and opened recently, which is why I found it very unsettling to see the menu cards look very old, a little "damaged" at the corners and edges, and looking a little "brown".

The bar

Their menu largely consists of American and Mexican fast food. Supposedly, the Margaritas at Chili's are world famous and they do boast about it.

Margaritas :-
There were quite a few flavours of Margaritas available. I tried the Tropical Sunrise flavoured Margarita. It was a somewhat orange flavoured Margarita. I quite liked it and do recommend you try it. Unfortunately, I do not have a proper reference of a good Margarita to tell you if they got it right or not.

However, each Margarita is Rs. 525 + taxes! That is really very expensive in my opinion.
They usually have happy hours ending at 20:00. During happy hours, you get any drink on a buy one get one free offer, the free drink is the exact same drink, mind you. This offer definitely should be taken else it would be way too expensive overall.

The famous Chilijs Margarita

Another view of the Margarita
Chicken Platter :-
The chicken platter was really awesome. It came with a piece of grilled chicken, sauteed vegetables in garlic butter and flavoured rice. The chicken piece was grilled to perfection. It was soft well cooked, the marinade was proper, the way you get it outside of India in Europe or US (bland of course, not masaledaar at all but still nice), and the chicken was grilled just right; by this I mean that it was not dry and chewy like over-grilled chicken can be. The vegetables were simply amazing. The rice served with this dish did not really impress me and seemed a little bit tasteless.

The rice was common to both dishes which also disappointed me as I usually like variety in dishes and less "re-use".

The Chicken Platter
Chicken Quesadillia Fajita-
I totally loved the Quesadillias. The best part was that it was nice a filling too. The triangular pieces of Quessadillias were filled with large, soft, brown slices of caramelised onions and cheese. Delicious! You should like slightly sweet food to enjoy this one.
The rice was the same as the rice that came with the chicken platter, and it was rather tasteless. The back beans were okay, not great or noteworthy. The beans do get boring to chew after a while, however, the Quesadillias totally make up for it.

Chicken Quesadillia Fajita
The Guacamole that came with the dishes a word...terrible.


Total bill was Rs. 1838 (including a buy one get one free Margarita for Rs. 525 each + taxes).
The above meal was shared by two, and we were really quite full. At Rs. 919 per head I would say it was rather expensive, considering that there were no starters. I would definitely go back though to check out the remaining items so see how the other items on the menu are.
Chilli's is a must visit.

Chilis Pune

UG-49, Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar, Nagar Road, Pune
Tel:- 020 - 30950400, 30950401, 30950402, 30950404, 30950405

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