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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bristo's @ Lunkad Skymax mall, Viman Nagar

Bristo's is a small restaurant located in Skymax mall in Viman Nagar. You get primarily Chinese and Indian food here. There are also a couple of Goan dishes.

The restaurant is rather small and looks more like a snack joint.
Half the restaurant is enclosed and the other half is 2 sides open, like a terrace, with about waist height( 4 ft) glass and railings.
I would suggest sitting in the enclosed section as the outside section is only 100 feet away from the road and the traffic noise can be a bit disturbing.
On the particular day that I went, there was a Durga pooja procession passing with loud blaring music and alot of fire crackers. Painful. I had to relocate to the enclosed section.
The chairs and tables were of very light wood and would move with the slightest amount of force.

The restaurant does not have it's own washroom. You have to use the common washroom of the mall.


-- Manchow soup - Not spicy like it is generally made in most restaurants. Crispy noodles should have been separate and not already mixed into the soup.Not bad overall but not the way it should be. Enjoyable even then.

-- Chicken starter goan style - Very spicy. Very oily. It burnt my oesophagus on the way down. I can;t say this was good. It also had too much turmeric in it. I am pretty sure this was not goan style. The chicken pieces in it were a bit chewy. I suggest you avoid this one.

-- Chicken Kheema - Nice and tasty, but also very oily. Not sure why everything they made so oily!?

-- Chicken Biryani - The biryani was the minty flavour type of biryani. There needed to be more chicken pieces and also the pieces needed to be a bit softer.

-- Onion Naan - This one was rather buttery. Something about the stuffed onions was not great. I can't put my finger on it. It is not bad, just a little different.


Chicken Manchow Soup - Rs. 80.
Chicken Chilli - Rs. 110.
Chicken Kheema - Rs. 110.
Onion Naan - Rs. 40.
Naan Plain - Rs. 15.
Chicken Biryani - Rs. 130.
Soft drink - Rs. 20.
Total :- Rs. 595.

Above meal was shared between 3 people.

All prices inclusive of taxes. All prices are per unit of order.
Not an expensive place. Some improvements in preparation is required.

The dishes that I have mentioned as very oily, you should think before ordering.
Please feel free to leave a comment / feedback!

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