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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Arthur's theme @ Koregaon park, lane 6

Arthur's Theme is a nice small French food restaurant in Koregaon park.
I quite liked this place. You get only continental/French food over here. How authentic is the French food? Good question. I have no comparison at the moment.
But none the less, you will not be disappointed here.

[Ambience / Experience]
Arthur's Theme is a small restaurant with not many tables (I did however notice there was a "downstairs" basement like section but did not actually see it, so all in all it is a nice cozy place. It usually is not very crowded which is very good at times when you want to have a nice quiet dinner. This works for you when are on a date.

Where you sit is rather important because  the placements of the large standing air conditioners  can give a direct jet blast to your face.
You can of course just ask the staff to also switch it off or point it away.
There is very little parking available at the restaurant so one needs to find parking in the lane which it is located in. That is not usually too difficult. The restaurant itself has parking for one car and 3 two-wheelers.

All the served dishes have the name of a past King/Queen/Royalty of some sort.

Service time is pretty standard, not surprisingly fast and not slow.


All main course dishes are standalone dishes.
1) Leopold II. Soup -- This is a clear non-veg chicken soup. I was expecting a little better. It was more like boiled water, with boiled carrots, cauliflower and chicken. I was was not too impressed.

2) Cleopatra - A chicken starter. A piece of chicken cube on a stick stacked on a square piece of bread. I liked this but I found the flavouring to be not string enough. What would happen is that the bread and the chicken piece would dilute out the coated flavouring. A slight improvement here would make this have a great taste.

3) Herbed rice - Nicely herbed rice. So good that I liked eating it without any gravy as well.

4) Markus - A large patti of fillet of fish with a light brown cheesy sauce dressed all over the patti, with three pieces of smokes vegetables and accompanied by mashed potato. This was awesome. The best dish that night. I usually do not like fish because of the smell but when the fillet is this good, it really makes me feel good. The only issue with the dish was that after eating it for a while, the taste felt more sweet. Recommended none the less.

5) Heidi -  Chicken breasts with a brown sauce (and a bit of mustard) with french fries. Nice. Me is not a fan of mustard sauce at all but this dish is till good. Second best dish that night

6) William III  - Chicken breasts in a brown sauce with vegetables. A more detailed description escapes me at the moment. Okay tasting. What I liked was that sometimes, restaurants make the same brown sauce for more than one dish with just a minor difference, and thus two different dishes with brown sauces almost end up tasting the same; this was not the case here.


1) Coke - Rs. 40
2) Cleopatra - Rs. 180
3) Heidi - Rs. 290
4) Leopold II - Rs. 160 (expensive for soup!)
5) Markus - Rs. 300
6) William II - Rs. 300
7) Herbed rice - Rs. 125

A nice place to go for Continental and on a date.

[Inside Scoop]
I have found out from unofficial, inside sources of the way Arthur's Theme source their fishes. Details are a bit scarce.
Arthur's theme apparently source their fish from an importer who imports them from Vietnam. I am working to get more details.

Dishes I have made a mental note of to try next time are, Czar and Alexander the great.

Their website here [Not loading properly when I tried last].

Address : Shop No. 2, Vrindavan Apartment, Lane No. 6, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune 
Telephone :  020-26152710, 020-66032710 
Timings : 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM, 7 PM to 11:30 PM 

Alternate reviews at

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