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Sunday, 11 September 2011

ZK's @ Lullanagar Chowk.

Cricket is like religion in India. I think I am the odd man out whenever it comes to Cricket, as I do not like Cricket at all. Anyway, the cricketer Zaheer Khan has a restaurant chain called ZK's, and I visited the one in Lullanagar with a few friends for drinks.
So, this will be a drinks and starters review, rather than full blown dinner review.

ZK's has multiple levels, the ground floor is restaurant only, the first floor is a banquet hall available for rent for parties/events, the second floor is a lounge bar area with t.v. screens and also an open terrace area.

We sat in the open terrace area.

The lounge bar and open terrace area is rather nice.

1) Barman's Pitcher - Rs. 800. We had a diferent version of this since most people in the group did not like beer or want beer as part of the mix. So, we had the beer replaced with Beezers instead.
These guys make a nice Barman's pitcher.

2) Bisleri Water (Rs. 50) - No review here. Just listed for price.

3) Masala Papad (Rs. 40) -  Nice. Not much can go wrong here!
4) Murgh Malai Kali Mirch Tikka (Rs. 215) - The tikka needed alot more kali mirch for it to be there in the taste. Overall it was a little blandish.
5) Murgh Chatpata Tikka (Rs. 195) -  Nice and spicy. The taste is as per standard; basically how it is prepared in general.
6) Fruit Punch (Rs. 140) -  Nice mixed fruit cocktail.
7) Tandoori Jhinga (Rs. 495) - The Tandoori Jhinga was rather spicy and was not great. The prawns had the "prawny smell" which I do not like much. I would not recommend this really. The prawns were a little hard/chewy
9) Grilled Veg. Chimmi Changa (Rs. 165) - YUCK. This was the worst Chimmi Changa that I have ever had. For some reason it even tasted a bit like sand! What I  mean by that is, in the rainy season just before it rains, you can smell the sand in the air, that is what I am talking about. It looked like vegetables stuffed in a roll, a lot like a spring roll.

10) Thums up (Rs. 45) - No review here. Just listed for price.

11) Dal Khichadi (Rs. 135) - Horrible, absolutely horrible. DO NOT HAVE THIS. The best Khichadi I have had is at Hotel Green Park.

All prices exclusive of taxes.

An interesting thing happened that night. Captain Morgan India was having a promotional event at ZK's. A guy dressed up as a pirate i.e. Captain Morgan, and a few pretty ladies dressed up in skirts and corsets came to every table with samples of the Captain Morgan spicy rum with coke. The only issue was that the rum was a little too diluted with coke, so you could hardly taste it.
Then the captain went around to each table had a small peppy talk with them, of course to promote Captain Morgan rum, and then took pictures with each. They put the pictures up on facebook. (I will not tag myself since I look a little too fat and unflattering in the photos).

 A nice way to promote a new product in India, a slight personal touch  too.

ZK's website

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