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Monday, 26 September 2011

Spencer's Bakery @ Pulse mall Nagar road.

Pulse mall on Nagar road has a Spencer's outlet, which as far as I know, is the largest Spencer's outlet yet.
This Spencer's also has a "built-in" bakery.
When you reach the end of the store, the amazing aroma of freshly baked items cannot be missed.
The sheer variety of breads i.e. masala bread, plain bread, whole wheat bread, multi-grain bread, Foccacia bread, buns, french loaves etc. is amazing, all freshly baked!

I picked up a few amazingly round, soft, shapely buns, and had a amazing feeling while gently squeezing them (no double entendres here!).

Also the snack items, like the chicken salsa, beg rolls, biscuits are also worth a try.

Next time I shall try the pastries.

I highly recommend the Foccacia bread. It is soft bread which is topped with tomato, olives, herbs and some onions, kind of like a pizza, only softer (and in some cases better).
I generally end up finishing a pack all be myself while waiting in line at the billing counter and then have to make them run the empty plastic cover for it for billing with an explanation that I ate it!

This outlet is awesome for imported items also. So, if you like your Post breakfast cereals, imported HP sauce, Ragu sauces, Coco pops etc. head on over to here to find your favourite exclusive food, spices and additives (they also have the original Kraft food's Macaroni and Cheese! Yum!).

Spencer's bakery items are a must try. Go on over. I hope Spencer's maintains the quality for years to come unlike the general case where things start to degrade after a few years/months.

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