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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Shiv Sagar @ Aundh [Mexican Snacks]

If you are in Aundh, and feel like having some quick Mexican snacks, DO NOT go to Shiv Sagar.
It was quite disappointing. It used to be very good earlier but don't go there for Mexican. Try them for Indian and South Indian food instead. After waiting there in line and then being disappointed by their Mexica,n is not the way to go.

Shiv Sagar used to be the first and only place where mexican (of course Indianised) used to be available...circa 10 years ago.

I tried the following that evening at around 5'o clock as a snack.
1) Taco Special - 6 mini tacos(bite sized). Nothing special about it. The bean filling was also not good.
2) Nachos roasted with Capsicum and cheese - Bad! Bad! Bad! The tortilla chips were soft and felt a bit ... "old". The cheese was not soft and had hardened. It was not served warm and we had to ask for it to be re-heated. There was no taste and the Salsa sauce served with it was the only good thing and saving grace of the Nachos. Even the capsicums were not helping.
3) Coffee - Okay.
4) Tea - The tea was not strong but something was wrong. An instant acidity trigger.

Taco Special - Rs. 140
Nachos roasted with Capsicum and cheese -150
Coffee - 20
Tea -30

Must avoid Mexican here.

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