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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Polka Dots @ Kalyani Nagar

Polka Dots serves up a mean mix of continental and some Asian food. Beware when having Indian food at their restaurant (applies to the Aundh branch). Their Indian food can sometimes leave you  sadly disappointed. To make up for it, their continental usually is outstanding.

A small elevated restaurant with one side open to the road over a low wall, rather than having windows, the decor is not much to speak about. Also the desserts are on display in a centrally located glass display.
The chef's area is completely visible through a large glass window.
Not much to say about the ambience.

1) Vietnamese Garlic pepper chicken - This was is kind of like a Chinese Manchurian with lots of ground pepper and sweetened soy sauce gravy. It was okay, not great. The sweetness can get to you after a while. Not something you have have on it's own (as I did) and some noodles or rice accompaniment is recommended (recommended by me, they never mentioned it).

2) Chicken Lasagna - The chicken lasagna was chicken Kheema with cheese in a brown "Lasagna sauce". The layers of the Lasagna were not well defined and it all seemed to be almost mashed up together. There was a lot of Kheema and less of the Lasagna layers. The Lasagna came with an outstanding garlic bread which was lightly herbed.  The garlic bread was so good, that I ordered a plate more and told them to make it exactly like the previous one. Sadly, they did not do that. The second order or garlic bread was not herbed and not as good the initial one.

A light dinner which left me half happy.

The virgin Caprioska was well made (ordered by my wife and not me, in case you were wondering).

1 Virgin Caprioska
1 Chicken Lasagna
1 Vietnamese Garlic pepper chicken
1 portion garlic bread.
Rs. 737 /- ( all incl.)

Must haves at Polka Dots
Veg. Lasagna.

Polka Dots is a must visit, although this time was not the usual great.

Address : Kalyaninagar, Near Ramwadi Naka, Next to Bishop's School
Phone: (020)-6561 1739
 Timings : 11 am to 11pm, 7 days a week

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