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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Breakfast at Vohuman cafe [Next to Jehangir Hospital]

Parsi and Irani cafes in Pune are very well known and loved. Especially for their chai.
One such Parsi cafe is Vohuman Cafe next to Jehangir hospital.

It is a small place with limited seating and resembles the canteens of most colleges in India, albeit quarter or less than quarter the size. Plastic chairs and tables, people sitting at  tables placed anywhere there is space, is the typical layout of the cafe.

There can be quite a wait for getting a table as well.

There is not much you can expect here from service. Usually one guy takes the orders and you have to call him at least 5 times before he responds. There are some other chaps who just stand around and do not take orders, and always re-direct to the the ever so busy order taking guy.

Orders once placed also take a heck of a long time to reach you.
Chai and Bun maska are the only things that reach you instantly, but as for anything which is prepared with eggs, it takes a while, enough to drive you crazy. Especially so, if you have come there for breakfast after playing a couple of hours of Badminton!

The breakfast I tried here was :-
1) Cheese omelette made with one or two eggs - Wow this is awesome and tasty. A real heavy one too. It is a must try.
2) Egg bhurji made with one or two eggs - Okay. Some like it, some don't. I was not very impressed with it.
3) Chai - Nice tea. The tea is NOT like the strong, boiled for hours type that you typically get at Vaishali/Madhuban/Shiv Sagar/Tapris etc. The best part is that it is perfectly sweet.
4) Egg fry made of one or two eggs - This is the sunny side up eggs. Very little can go wrong with this one, so not much to say here. Salt and pepper to add taste.

The bun maska and buttered toasts (both with a very generous helping of maska) are really good here, but still a few points away from  the kind that you get at Good Luck Cafe on F.C. road.


1) Two eggs cheese omelette - Rs. 60
2) Chai - Rs. 15
3) Bun maska/buttered toast - Rs. 15 /Rs. 20
4) Two egg bhurji - Rs. 30

 If you can tolerate the wait for the service the omelette with cheese is a must try.

I would really think twice before I go there again, because of, and only because of, the wait involved.

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