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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Puran Da Dhaba @ Hotel Pride Executive [Buffet]

After hearing much praise for the North Indian food at Puran Da Dhaba, a visit by yours truly was a must. On my visit it turned out that they had buffet dinner that night and not a-la-carte.

The decor is very nicely done. A replica of the dhabas as seen in the north complete with baithaks, the look a feel of low lying brick walls, the vessels used to serve food and drinks,  the vessel used for the tasty preparations on buffet table, the mutka glasses etc, all add to the originality of the concept of Dhaba. The entrance area is also made to look like a road with a sabzi mandi, baithaks, and road signs. For entertainment there is a live band playing (at least on a Saturday night), a mehendi designer for the ladies and also an Astrologer. The live band sings old Hindi songs, some ghazals and they even take requests.

A very nice place to sit with family or even friends for a long duration whilst having dinner, slowly and steadily.

Starters :-  Aloo tikki, Chicken tikka, Fish tikka, tandoori banana and pineapple. Th Aloo tikki was very nice. The chicken tikka was standard, kind of like how you get it every where else. The second batch of chicken tikkas however, were not boneless. This was a bit annoying. The fish tikka had a very strong fish smell, hence I did not like that. The tandoori kela was really good but the tandoori pineapple, really BAD!.

Main course :-
Shorbas available were dal and Palak Shorba, chicken Shorba. I am not a very big fan of shorbas since they are very watery and usually tasteless. The dal palak shorba however, was better that the chicken shorba.
--> Benarasi Dum aloo :-  very nice with the roast flavour and masala.
--> Lasooni Paneer : very weak taste and thin gravy. Not impressed.
--> Moong Dal : I did not like this at all. Too thin, watered down.
--> Benarasi Kukkad (chicken) : Nice chicken gravy with  soft chicken pieces.
--> Sweet Lassi :  very nice.
--> Chai : Awesome chai. Just needed to be a little warmer.
--> Gosht Biryani : Overall I did not like the Biryani. I think there was some more flavour required. I think I got something from the bottom  of the vessel which was slightly burnt. The mutton pieces were quite soft though. I have had better.

--> Doodhi halwa : Brilliant! To kill for.
--> Gulab Jamun : So-so. It was the sugar coated type. A little more sweet than required.
--> Kesar Barfi : Not worth a special mention.


Rs. 575 per head +  taxes
Coke Rs. 75 + taxes
Cocktails in the Rs. 250-325 range + taxes.
Service tax also charged.

Roughly Rs. 800 - 1000 per head with drinks.

Overall not very impressed with the buffet dinner. I hope a-la-carte is better. Will find out soon enough. Will post about it then

Puran Da dhaba on the Web.

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