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Sunday, 10 July 2011


If you love Kulfi, there are two places in Pune that you have to try.

1. Shiv Kailash.

Located opposite Pune station, serves an awesome Malai kulfi.
Also available is their hot, dry fruits milk. I love this option because there are times when I cannot eat cold food and this gives me a good alternative.
Best way to visit is in your car. Not a great place to sit and eat.

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2. Mohan Ice-cream
Located just off J.M road is Mohan Ice-cream. This is my new favorite kulfi joint in town.
Costs only Rs. 20. I have not tried anything else at this place, will post back once I do.
To get here, get onto Jangli Maharaj road and take right into the lane just before Shiv Sagar restaurant.
About 20 feet down the road, Mohan ice-cream is located on your right hand side.

Enjoy the Kulfi!

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