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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Koyla - The Hyderabad House @ Koregaon park

My first experience at a Koyla restaurant was at the Fergusson College road branch, on my birthday, 5 years ago. The bad food and experience (especially the gaping hole in my pocket), made me swear that I would never go back to Koyla ever again. However, many friends of mine highly recommended the Koregaon park outlet for it's great food. So, after much deliberation with my wife, I decided to give it another shot.

This time there again was something that left me with displeasure and a headache, however it was not related to the food. The restaurant is a completely enclosed one, and of course by government rule, smoking is not allowed. There was however one person chain smoking in the restaurant, blatantly disrespecting the law. On inquiring with the waiter, it turned out that the person smoking was the Owner/Manager of the restaurant. That is uber not cool. Why would he jeopardise his business like that?

Anyway, onwards to the review.

On entering the restaurant, one is overwhelmed with the decor. Every inch, nook and cranny is decorated, Hyderabadi style. The look is complete right from the hanging chandeliers, decorated walls, brown silhouette like cut out of Golconda fort behind the bar, decorated upholstery on the chairs and sofas, and decorated tables. Even the menu's outer jacket is made of a purple velvet. It is very interesting to look at, and amazing to see new, novel ideas into menu decoration. The table has the same velvet cloth as the menu, running down the middle of the table from end to end, and the casseroles in which the preparations are served, are carefully placed on this velvet. To accommodate for this, the table is rather wide so the person opposite you may feel a little distant, however, not a problem. There is soft qawali style music playing in the background to add to the environment. Not for you if you are like me and like the rock/metal/heavy metal/thrash metal kind of music. All the waiters are also dressed up in costumes, including head gear, adding more to the novelty,
This is the kind of place you would want to go with family for an experience along with dinner. A good choice for a special dinner date also, but come prepared with increased credit limit on your credit card.  Even the finger bowl is a novel idea; shaped like a copper pot with a cover. It comes with hot water and a Rudraksh (at least that is what I thought it was). Really different.

Not being very hungry that night, we skipped starters and went straight to main course with Murgh Bhuna, Kadak rotis, followed by Murgh Qubooli Biryani, and a glass of coke to wash things down. Alcohol is served but I had none that night.
The Murgh Bhuna was very very nice. My wife particularly loved it. Recommended.

The Kadak Roti was a regular Tandoori Roti, which is a good thing  but is a bit of a misnomer, which may throw you off and set you thinking that you may receive a roti which is crispy like a papad.

The Qubooli Biryani, was a biryani with Chicken Kheema. Simply put, a Chicken Kheema preparation layered with Basmati rice. A nice tasty dish, but the taste was all of the Kheema, so nothing new or novel here. Very nice none the less.
This is the first restaurant I have been to that serves only mineral water! Good thing is that they did not charge for it. I wonder how many bottles later would they start charging...hmmm.

Oh my god! expensive. Costs an arm and a leg, and your left testicle (left ovary for you ladies). This place is very, very expensive. That brings down the value for money.

Coke :- Rs. 50 per glass
Bhuna Murgh :- Rs. 370
Roti :- Rs. 30 each (this is the cheapest type of roti too!)
Qubooli Biryani  :- Rs. 300
Each dish serves quantity enough for two.

It really annoys me when restaurants' menus quote prices excluding Vat/taxes. Why do they do that? Do they think it is cool? I think it is a way to rip off people. All 5 star restaurants do this!

Total bill Rs. 911(with the tax included) for two without even having starters and alcohol!!

Final thoughts
Try this place only if you are really feeling rich and have a good credit limit. DO NOT go to the Fergusson College road branch, that one is pathetic.
I would probably re-visit, to try the starters and some other dishes, but not anytime soon. I think I would like to keep my other testicle for a while.

Oddly enough, I could not find the restaurants website! So, no linky link.

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