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Monday, 18 July 2011

Flags @ Metropole Next to Inox

There is no question in my mind that Flags is one of THE BEST restaurants in Pune. It is by far my favorite and top-most choice from all the multi-cuisine restaurants available in Pune, covering food from countries in all continents.
I have been visiting Flags for years now, and have NEVER been let down.
I went so often, with my cousin, that at one point I had to stop myself from going there from fear of going broke.
It is a tad bit expensive, but none the less, it is COMPLETE value for money.
Well after two years of ..., I finally mustered the courage to re-visit. I was completely amazed, as always. Even my friend who accompanied me, went back again, two days later.

Earlier Flags used to also have the largest menu in Pune, 21 pages long! Their menu has been reduced since then, down to 15 pages, however I think they still hold the title for the largest menu. With the reduction in pages, there were a few dishes which I loved there, that are no longer available. I wish they would re-introduce their Rosemary Chicken.

Great place to go with family or if you want to impress your date on a romantic dinner. Not very noisy. A little dark inside but very comfortable none the less. It used to be very bright and well lit, but with global warming, who needs that anyway!

The waiters are also very courteous and well trained.

Buffalo Strips: Chicken wings coated in a thick red sauce. A little sour, tangy to taste. Nothing to sing about; a good change of taste from your regular tandoori and kebab but not something I would recommend.
It was served with a very small speck of a very strongly odoured cheese. I can't imagine what a bite into a larger piece would have been like!

Veg. Shorba: A brown veg. soup. Okay to taste. I would not recommend trying it. It did not stir anything inside me.

At Flags, it is recommended not to have too many starters, leave space for the delicious main course (and some money in  your wallet).

Bangers and Mash (U.K) : British style strips of bacon with chicken sausages, an amazing barbeque sauce and to complete the ensemble, mashed potatoes and braised vegetables. Must try this! The brown sauce is out of this world. The original Bangers and mash is served only with sausages and fried onions on the side, but it was so good. you really don't care about the missing onions.

Massaman Veg curry(Thailand) : This curry served with rice, is another delight served at Flags. If you like manglorean style curries and the flavour of coconut milk in curries, then you will like this and this is a must have. Maybe a fish or a chicken version would have been better.

Paprikash (Hungary) : Pieces of chicken breast covered with a mildly spicy, paprika sauce, with mashed potatoes and braised vegetables. Another master piece.

Res El Hanout Chicken (Morocco) : Chicken breast pieces covered in a green Pudina (mint) sauce. This has probably got the be the most different type of gravy I have ever had. I am not a big fan of mint/mint sauces, but for mint lovers, I hear this is amazing.

Buffalo Strips : Rs. 250

Veg. Chorba : Rs. 125
Bangers and Mash: Rs. 350
Massaman Veg curry : Rs. 275
Paprikash : Rs. 275
Res El Hanout Chicken  : Rs. 275

Coke :  Rs. 100 (!!)(for a coke!)
KingFisher Ultra beer: Rs. 125
Virgin Caprioska  : Rs. 175

All prices excluding VAT and service tax.

Notable mentions and must tries:
Mushroom Stroganoff
Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna
Nachos and cheese
Roast chicken
Southern fried Chicken (the KFC kinda style)

What will I try there next time? Most likely the Chengdu Chicken.

I have never had the Indian food there and have heard it is also very good.

Flags is by no means cheap. So, if you must go (which I think you must) a bit of the cost can be mitigated by ordering the slightly cheaper, Rs. 275 + VAT dishes, skipping starters and drinks.
Even then, you will not be disappointed.

Well that's it for now, I am off to start a mutual fund and fixed deposit plan to afford my next visit.

Phone : +91 9765659079 
Address : Flag's Restaurant address
                G-2, Metropole,
                Near Inox Multiplex, Bund Garden Road, Pune
Timings : 12 Noon to 3 PM, 7 PM to 11:30 PM

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