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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Fishtro @ Mariplex Kalyani Nagar

If you like fish as fast food, then you must definitely try Fishtro.

Earlier christened as Fish 'N Chips, the new name and make over has been for the better.

Their Fish Pops and Shrimp Pops are small cheese-ball sized, deep fried balls which are very tasty with a nice flavour, kind of like your southern fried chicken with a little spice, all for a good, value for money price of Rs. 55. Must try!

They also serve a Fish burger and a classic English style Fish 'N Chips, referred to as Continental Fish and chips.
The Continental crumbed Fish 'N Chips are sized for one person to eat. If shared with another, you may still be a little hungry. Not comparable to what you get in England, but not bad none the less.
If you don't like the smell of fish (which I don't by the way) you may want to reconsider this option as there is a slight fish smell, unlike other fillet of fish which are odourless.

I have heard their Indian style Fish 'N chips are better, something I will try on my next visit.

All the fried fish are bit on the oily side but not too much to make you feel any discomfort while eating.

For now, the pops are definitely worth eating in large quantities.

Fish / Shrimp Pops :- Rs. 55
Continental crumbed Fish 'N Chips  : - Rs. 125

Other branches : - Dhole Patil road, opp. Hotel Kapila
                              Stellar Enclave, Aundh, Pune

Delivery phone no. : 020 41410000.

Their website is here (under construction at the time of this writing).
And they even have a Facebook Page!

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