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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Another Pune food blog.

So, another Pune food blog is born.
Why would I add another food blog, when already exists and passes out certifications, and Karen Anand from Pune Times of the Times of India publications has a weekly column in Pune city? Well, the short answer is because I have always wanted to, and have quite a bit of direct and indirect encouragement from my family and friends.

It seems that most of my friends ask me for places to go out to out eat and in 90% cases end up liking it. So, I thought, "Why not have a blog?".
I will give it a sincere attempt for 2 years and then review how things went.
I also plan to make my blog a little different from the professionals, a little personal, and cover not only the starred restaurants and hotel, but even the street side stalls and push carts.
I don't have a decided format just yet, but I will evolve it across the next few months.
So time for me to jump into the crowd...Geronimo!

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